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ESA BIC Harwell: Members and Alumni

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The following companies are doing or have completed their incubation period at ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Harwell, UK.

Company Product and contact person
Bennamann Anaerobic digester using the vegetation from the Harwell site as feedstock

Chilton Tech

Drivehub Data service for transport sector, aiming to empower drivers to drive safely and to reduce costs


company website
Development of location-based services for the inland waterways

The Electrospinning Company

company website
Biocompatible electrospun fibre scaffolds for regenerative medicine and drug discovery


company website
Geo-referenced information using digital radio


company website
Web-based technologies and services for selecting, planning and accessing satellite imagery

company website
Helps insurers reduce the costs of administering claims

Oxford nanoSystems

company website
System to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers in domestic boilers

Radius Health

company website
Microemitter array X-ray technology for a pyroelectric emitter that utilises field emission technologies

Sci-Tech Systems

company website
Real-time multipath determination and reduction

Teratech Components Ltd.

company website
Development based on Terahertz Schottky diodes and components

Travel AI Smartphone app producing an accurate understanding of our travel movements

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