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Redu facilities
Redu facilities

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Redu is expected to open in 2011. It will be located near the ESA Redu ground station at the Galaxia Business Park in Transinne-Libin, Belgium, a business incubator for the EU’s space sector.

As a natural consequence of the variety of satellites operated by ESA from Redu, ESA BIC Redu will be aimed at companies specialized in telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation systems as well as integrated applications.

Located at Galaxia Business Park, ESA BIC Redu will provide start-up companies with not only access to ESA knowledge, experts and infrastructure, but also to number of other companies located at the business park, such as two world leaders in each their sector, Vitrociset (Italy) and SES ASTRA TechCom (Luxembourg) who are prepared to support newcomers.

Waltec Biometrics (Belgium), M3 Systems (France), Redu Space Services (Belgium), Luxembourg Telecom (G.-D. of Luxembourg) and Eutralex Aerospace (Belgium) are too located at Galaxia.

Managing ES BIC Redu

The Business Centre
The Business Centre

ESA BIC Redu will be managed by Wallonia Space Logistics Luxembourg (WSLlux), a company specialised in assisting start-up firms profiting from technologies that often are the result of spatial research and development (R&D) projects.

WSLlux was created by WSL, the internationally renowned space related incubator supporting entrepreneurs in building new high technology companies, and Idelux, the economic development agency of the Province of Luxembourg. WSLlux capitalizes on the strong and complementary experiences of WSL and Idelux.

WSL started its activities in 2000 as the first business incubator dedicated to space in Europe. In 2002, WSL was one of the founders of the European Space Incubators Network (ESINET) together with ESA, EBN and D’Appolonia.

Offices at the Business Centre
Offices at the Business Centre

In 2005 WSL was the first non U.S. incubator to be awarded by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA, USA). Over its ten first years of existence WSL supported the creation and the survival of about 40 high technology companies.

Idelux was created in 1962 and business development is today one of its key missions. This dynamic agency is specialized in offering proper infrastructures to companies as well as a full range of services - administrative, financial and a general advices - before and after their new facilities are set up.

Thanks to the strategic location between Brussels and Luxembourg, the comprehensive range of proven services, the unique infrastructure connected to ESA’s Redu ground station and the expertise of ESA and of other companies, ESA BIC Redu will offer an ideal working environment for a new company specialized in space related spin-off activities.


For information, please contact:

Michel Ponthieu, Space and High Technologies Manager
Rue Devant les Hêtres, 2
6890 Transinne, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)63 23 19 66
Fax: +32 (0)63 23 18 95

How to apply

All ESA BICs have a continuous open call for proposals, which means that applications can be submitted at any time. Typically four times a year proposals are being evaluated, and new BIC companies to join are selected.

More information on the application process at ESA BIC Redu will be published shortly.

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