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Core Competitiveness

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ARTES Core Competitiveness helps European and Canadian industry stay at the cutting-edge of the global satcom market by aiding them in the development of innovative telecommunications products, systems and services.

This is done through close partnership between industry and ESA in consultation with ESA’s Member States’ national delegations. Support from ARTES Core Competitiveness takes two forms: ESA-initiated, called Advanced Technology, and industry-initiated, which is called Competitiveness and Growth.

Advanced Technology

ESA issues calls for ideas for long-term research and development into new satcom technologies and techniques which help to push the boundaries of innovation. This leads to a yearly workplan where all activities are fully funded by ESA.

Competitiveness and Growth

Industry are invited to submit proposals in which the business plan is a key element. Accepted proposals receive up to 75% funding from ESA – proportional to the risk taken – to deliver a product or service into the market ready for commercial exploitation.

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