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Govsatcom Precursor for security

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Govsatcom Precursor responds to the growing need in Europe for secure communications for applications such as crisis management and maritime safety.

Access to secure satellite communications is of paramount importance to governments, as these can provide massive added value to, for example, humanitarian missions, disaster response and infrastructure monitoring. These kinds of users often need access at short notice, however, which can result in non-availability or high costs.

This is why ESA’s Govsatcom Precursor is dedicated to showing how the European space industry can support the EU’s Govsatcom initiative, which aims to pool and share governmental and commercial satellite services to provide secure and guaranteed access to satcom for Europe’s public sector.

ESA’s preparatory programme involves ESA partnering with European satellite operators and service providers to develop so-called ‘Pacis’; projects that demonstrate the benefits of pooling and sharing satcom assets for a wide range of use cases.

Govsatcom Precursor will be implemented in synergy with the European Defence Agency’s Govsatcom demonstration projects.

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