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Satellites, astronauts and experiments are constantly observing our planet and beaming information back to us. Navigation satellites tell us where we are, observation satellites can tell us what’s under our feet, and sensors on the International Space Station monitor the positions of ships at sea.

Combining this wealth of information in new ways requires imaginative thinking – and the International Space Apps Challenge is challenging us to think of novel solutions using space.

In a truly global collaboration, anyone who wishes to apply their skills can join a local event – or launch their own – and spend 48 hours building applications and thinking of new concepts.

Transparency and teamwork are crucial. Form a team and make new friends during two days of coding, designing, brainstorming and fun.

What fresh combinations of satellite data can you dream up? Previous finalists combined weather, positioning and Earth-data to create a one-stop app to help you grow the best vegetable garden possible.

Combining information on the soil in your garden with local climate and weather predictions, the application tells you what to plant and when for best results. An application for green thumbs.


The challenges this year are divided by theme: technology in space, human spaceflight, asteroids, Earth watch and robotics. From turning your smartphone into a satellite to monitor air quality, to designing a space-greenhouse – there are challenges to fit everyone’s skill and interest. ESA has supplied five of the challenges.

With more than 100 ‘hackerspaces’ on five continents, there is bound to be an event near you. ESA is helping to organise an event in Rome, Italy and an event near ESA’s technical heart in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Experts are on hand for questions and advice. All events take place on the weekend of 12 April.

Even if you cannot make it to an event in person, join the discussion with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli and NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock live during a Google hangout at 14:30 GMT (16:30 CEST) on 12 April.

Register for your event, pack your sleeping bag, bring food and start building.

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