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The Konnect satellite in the acoustic chamber

Shaken but not stirred: Konnect satellite completes vibration tests

06/09/2019 2531 views 43 likes
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The first Spacebus Neo satellite – Konnect, a high-throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat – has successfully completed its mechanical test campaign in Thales Alenia Space facilities in Cannes.

The test demonstrates the ability of the satellite to withstand the strong shaking that occurs during launch.

The project partners – ESA, Thales Alenia Space, CNES and Eutelsat – were very pleased by the performance achieved.

“Despite exposure to the most extreme mechanical loads, the first Spacebus Neo has performed fantastically – as have the teams in Cannes who have performed this critical test campaign in record time,” said François Balme, ESA system manager.

Whilst the satellite will continue to be prepared for delivery to the launch site, the data from this test campaign will be used to validate the product line in readiness for a qualification review to be held later this year.

Now that the environmental tests are over, the satellite will undergo a thorough verification before it is finally prepared for launch.

ESA Partnership Projects allow European industry to maintain and continue developing their competitiveness on the worldwide commercial market and enable greater risk sharing, where ESA bears the risks related to the development of innovative solutions and the partner assumes the commercial risks to respond to market needs.

The Neosat programme comprises both Spacebus Neo by Thales Alenia Space and Eurostar Neo by Airbus. It includes development up to in-orbit validation of the new satellite product lines for both companies, allowing European industry to deliver competitive satellites for the global commercial market.