AT-Space: Innovative components for satellite propulsion

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Austrian start-up company AT-Space provides innovative components for satellites by using of advanced processing methods and the introduction of new materials. Meet AT-Space at ESA's Start-ups Zone powered by ESA space solutions at IAC 2018.

Aerospace currently sees a dynamic development. Companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin or OneWeb have entered the market, bringing new technologies and a breath of fresh air to the industry. Traditional rules and methods are called into question and new ways are shown.

AT-Space founders
AT-Space founders

For some years, AT Space has been working with innovative technologies to redesign fuel supplies for ion and plasma engines and to design projects for the large volumes of modern Constellation.

“We are currently developing and building a series production line,” says Erich Neubauer from AT-Space.

“Driven by NewSpace we are entering an exciting phase of transferring a new technology into series production.

“We deliver satellite components to various systems. Besides the constellations, innovative CubeSat propulsion systems are based on our products.”

At-Space can offer a wide range of innovative material solutions for spacecraft, among others:

  • Highly integrated material based solutions for satellite applications
  • Miniaturized components for fluid distribution and fluid control
  • Cost efficient production of components for propulsion systems (refractory & ceramic components) using advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Production of Metal Diamond composites for Thermal Management Applications
  • From material based concepts to manufacturing solutions.

Multi-Channel Systems for fluid distribution
The company can deliver products and components for fluid distribution and pressure regulation based on integrated macro and micro channels.

The design can be tailormade to fit to different applications. Compact and highly integration is possible to reduce volume and weight.

Thermal Management
AT-Space can deliver solutions for thermal management by innovative DiaCool Composite Materials (MMCs) that shows thermal conductivities of 450-600W/mK by combining diamond particles and metal matrix of copper, silver or aluminium.

The thermal expansion coefficient can be tailormade to match other electronic components for efficient thermal management, and the CTE 6-10ppm/K can be adjusted, especially for widebandgap semiconductor devices that can profit from these properties.

Components for propulsion systems
Complex shaped metallic and ceramic components can be made by cost efficient manufacturing techniques.

Materials include ceramics such as Al2O3, ZrO2 as well as various metals and alloys including refractory metals.

ESA BIC Bavaria boosts the SPiN start-up

At the beginning of 2018 Michael Kitzmantel, Lilla Vály and Erich Neubauer kicked off their previous R&D activities and founded the Austrian start-up company AT-Space GmbH.

With a background of producing series of several hundred flight hardware components for satellites, their activities have already been awarded by several institutions, among them i2b in Austria and ESA.

The AT-Space team has now grown to 7 people in addition to the founders.

World's largest ecosystem for space-related entrepreneurship
ESA’s Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Programme Office (TTPO) operates the ‘ESA space solutions’ network of Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) and Technology Transfer Brokers offering complete access to all aspects of space-related innovation, technology and intellectual properties and is a gateway to ESA and European space research and developments.

Today, there are 20 ESA BICs in 17 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK – forming the largest ecosystem in the world for space-related entrepreneurship.

Over 650 start-ups have been fostered and another 150 new start-ups are taken in yearly at ESA BICs to be supported under the two-years business development boosting programme.

Visit “Start-ups Zone powered by ESA space solutions”
Meet all the start-ups from 1 October until 5 October at the dedicated Start-ups Zone powered by ESA space solutions at IAC 2018 area at IAC 2018.

The AT-Space entrepreneurs will be at the Start-ups Zone at IAC 2018 from 3 October noon until 5 October, and be pitching their business 4 October.