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Technology Transfer and Business Incubation

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ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) issues a number of publications presenting successes and achievements in the transfer of space technologies and use of space systems for commercial non-space applications.

The documents are available for download as pdf-files.

DOWN TO EARTH: How space technology improve our lives

The most efficient innovations often stem from using existing technologies for purposes unrelated to their original applications.

Technology transfer is especially effective from the space field, where technologies have been developed to very high standards, to be failure-proof, reliable and durable.

Latest 'DOWN TO EARTH' book, ESA Publication BR-280, presents 33 successful transfers of space technologies to non-space fields. Read more here.

Previous publications are:

ESA's Business Incubation

In 2003, ESA decided to set up Business Incubation Centres (BICs) as part of its technology transfer programme, with the intention of helping entrepreneurs and young companies to use space technologies and knowhow in innovative new products and services in non-space fields.

Successful BICs have already been established in the Netherlands in Noordwijk, in Italy near Rome and in Germany in Darmstadt and Oberpfaffenhofen.

Read about the different Business Incubation centres in the following pdf documents:

TTPO's Newsletter

TTPO's newsletter is a half-yearly publication presenting the latest news on commercialisation and spin-offs from space.

TTPO newsletters are available for download as pdf from here.

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