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An artist's impression on human space exploration

Exploration for Europe’s progress

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Space exploration has long emerged from the shadows of science fiction and became a tangible reality inciting man's vision and relentlessly driving technology development and science forward all over the world.

It is a large scale societal project, welding together nations around the globe by working together to feed the insatiable human quest for knowledge, exploring the unknown and pushing scientific, technological and societal progress.

Europe is planning ahead for the future and developing a long-term strategy for space exploration, which provides perspective and orientation for future European investments in space exploration. The underlying principle of the European strategy is to implement space exploration as a global and societal project contributing to technology innovation.

At the International Space Exploration Conference (ISEC), taking place 8-9 November 2007 in Berlin, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German space agency DLR not only want to offer an opportunity to learn more about space exploration and better understand the driving force behind this societal project and introduce the benefits of space exploration to European society at large, but also its challenges to European industry and its unique opportunities of technological and scientific progress to benefit all mankind.

During ISEC, ESA and DLR want to conjure up a vivid picture of the history, present and future of one of the most forward-looking, ambitious and inspirational projects of our century and want to set forth the fascination, the inspiration and the opportunities that space exploration has in store for Europe.

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