Innovative ESA BIC space solutions in Paris

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At the Paris Space Week, start-ups from ESA Business Incubation Centres will showcase innovations both targeting satellite builders as well as non-space sectors.

Meet them at the ESA Space Solutions Innovation Village together with ESA Business Incubation Centres (BIC) Nord France (booth G11), ESA BIC Austria (booth G10) and ESA Space Solutions Innovation (booth H30) at the Paris Space Week (PSW) taking place at the Museum of Air and Space, Paris Le Bourget, 2-3 April.

The ESA Space Solutions Innovation Village provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about how space spin-offs can help in today's society, to meet ESA BIC representatives to discuss business opportunities and for entrepreneurs to learn how ESA BIC supports start-ups in turning them into success companies.

ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions programme co-funds projects and start-ups while offering technical and business support to companies that seek to deliver rapid innovation and raise private investment. Overall ESA spends €400 million a year on strengthening the competitiveness of European and Canadian companies in the global markets not only for satellite communications but also for downstream applications.

Networking Cocktail

All participants and visitors to the Paris Space Week are invited to join on Tuesday 2 April at 18:00 a social networking come together at the ESA Space Solutions Innovation Village. All regional incubators and technical partners will reunited and it is a great opportunity to learn more about ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions programme, and how it supports Europe's industry, starts-ups and entrepreneurs to foster successful companies. Introduction will be given on:

  • Space spin-off potentials and the ESA BIC network by Véronique De La Casa from CNES
  • ESA BIC Nord France by Jean-François Balducchi and and Alexia Freigneaux from Ouest BIC Technopoles
  • Testimony by start-up that have concluded its business incubation from ESA BIC Nord France by Florent Violan from Eodyn

This will be followed by the announcement of the Start-up Challenge Winner and the announcement of the ESA BIC Nord France launch. The afternoon will be closed by the networking cocktail where there will be a excellent opportunity to get first-hand knowledge on ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions programme and how it works and from ESA BIC start-up entrepreneurs and ESA BIC and ESA Space Solutions representatives.

Start-ups showcase smart upstream and downstream space solutions

Sunsensors for satellites
Sunsensors for satellites

Two innovative upstream solutions for spacecraft designers are proposed by start-ups ESA BIC Noordwijk in The Netherlands. Lens R&D has developed a new series of high reliability ost effective sun-sensors.

The start-up `satsearch` helps satellite constructors to locate quickly any space products and services for their next spacecraft through their global online marked platform.

SFM Systems
SFM Systems

Downstream solutions from space include the digitized shop floor management systems for manufacturing companies proposed by the German SFM Systems from ESA BIC Hessen & Baden-Württemberg.

It solves problems faster and more effectively in any day-to-day operations, by optimising and automating all the activities.


From ESA BIC Switzerland two start-up have both established leading-edge solutions in their specific fields.

Ligentec is a B2B company manufacturing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for customers in high-tech areas such as AI, Quantum technologies, LiDAR and Biosensor. Their all-nitride-core technology enables customers to develop their products in the industrial revolution 4.0.


Gilytics provides an interactive software package to plan and manage distributed energy and linear infrastructures, for wind farms, solar parks, power grid, smart grid, road and railways network, pipelines, etc.

It enhances the communication with all stakeholders involved in the planning and permitting process using VR/AR.


From ESA BIC Noordwijk, start-up Sobolt enables governments and large companies to make better sustainability decision based on remote sensing data analysed by use of artificial intelligence technology

World's largest ecosystem for space-related entrepreneurship

ESA BIC Nord France is part of ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions programme and its network of 20 ESA BICs throughout Europe that co-funds projects and start-ups while offering technical and business support to companies that seek to deliver rapid innovation and raise private investment.

The 20 ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) are forming the largest ecosystem in the world for space-related entrepreneurship and has fostered over 700 start-ups throughout Europe. Spread over more than 60 cities in 17 countries, more than 300 start-ups are currently under the two-years business incubation development booster programme with another 180 taking in yearly.

Today, there are ESA BICs in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK, with more already in the planning.