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ESA Technology Transfer Network broker for Portugal

IPN has more than two decades of experience in innovation and technology transfer and since its creation in 1991 the company has participated in more than 200 R&TD projects in consortia or by contracts with more than 200 companies, some of those outputting patented products.

Through its certified EBN Business Incubator Centre (BIC), IPN has supported the creation and development of more than 200 tech firms, with success cases such as Critical Software, Active Space Technologies and Feedzai.

In the space sector, IPN is an active member of ESA's Technology Transfer Broker Network supporting the commercialisation of space technology in non-space markets and broadcasting the best and most promising space technologies, developed by companies and academia, enhancing new commercial ventures, licencing agreements and expanding their market outreach. 

In addition, with the support of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), IPN manages the National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal (PTTI) – a programme that funds demonstrator and feasibility study projects, transferring space technology and competencies to non-space markets.

IPN business incubator
IPN business incubator

IPN has its own specialised teams and technological infrastructures dedicated to R&TD projects in multiple sectors (IT, health, space, mobility, automotive, ceramics, environment, etc.). Furthermore, IPN integrates six R&TD laboratories also offering consultancy and specialised services:

  • LED&MAT – Wear, Testing and Materials
  • LIS – Information technology and Systems
  • LAS – Automatic and Systems
  • LEC – Electroanalysis and Corrosion
  • LABGEO – Geotechnical Engineering
  • FITOLAB – Phytopathology

Through its business incubator and accelerator, IPN supports the creation of technological spin-offs and start-ups from the private sector and from scientific institutions, supporting fund raising, mentoring, networking, intellectual property protection, internationalization, and the connection with R&TD, among other services to entrepreneurs.

In addition, IPN provides high level continuous training services to professionals, young entrepreneurs and unemployed graduates, as well as to companies within the IPN network.

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Key contacts at Instituto Pedro Nunes:

- Carlos Cerqueira: +351 239 700 952 |

- Francisca Eiriz: +351 239 700 922 |

- IPN +351 239 700 900 |

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