ISS configuration as of 19 August 2007

Insurance for space projects

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ESA / Applications / Telecommunications & Integrated Applications / Technology Transfer

Marsh and Company, the world's leading insurance broker and strategic risk advisor, joined the European Space Agency's Co-operation Agreement Industrial Partners.

The Co-operation Agreement assembles a group of private enterprises that joined forces to support companies that want to utilise the International Space Station (ISS) for industrial Research and Development.

To help customers make their project commercially feasible, the Co-operation Agreement Industrial Partners provide access to ground-based facilities, technical support for experiment hardware development and other services for reduced prices. Those services, which are needed for any project that requires flying a payload to the ISS, and legal services, have now been expanded by the insurance and risk services of Marsh.

"Marsh joining the Co-operation Agreement is a milestone for our goal of facilitation industrial research on the ISS", explains David Fachiri, ESA's project manager for the Co-operation Agreement Industrial Partners.

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