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ESA Technology Transfer Network broker for Greece

KiNNO is a Greek-based technology transfer and innovation management company and has recently become a member of the ESA network of technology transfer brokers. The company focuses its efforts both in national and international context in order to seek and promote suitable technologies, expertise and systems from space and non-space origins to targeted sectors such as agriculture, transport, defense, maritime and tourism.

KiNNO provides the following services to its partners:

  • Technology Transfer: Technology transfer from space and non-space technology applications to targeted industries
  • Innovation management: Alignment of innovation to business strategy, knowledge management and idea to product lifecycle management.
  • Funding schemes: Usage of specialised funding tools to promote R&D in SMEs and larger enterprises
  • Valuation of IP: Appraisal of IP through the globe and opportunities for investments and collaboration

KiNNO has established strategic partnerships at European, Mediterranean and international level with research & technology organisations, investors, entrepreneurs, private companies and public bodies, while it has already developed a sophisticated network of professional expertise by participating in technology transfer and licensing associations such as the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), the Technology Innovation International (TII), and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI).

KiNNO personnel includes a series of highly specialised professionals in terms of innovation management and technology transfer, and its broad network of external experts can provide specialised solutions to a plethora of sectors, industries and types of organisations.

KiNNO aims at pioneering in the creation of a market for technology transfer in Greece. The company’s vision is to connect technology, innovation and research with regional and national development, enhance innovation capacity, and strengthen innovation exchange through knowledge exchange and synergies.

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Key contacts at KiNNO Consultants:

- Yiannis Geragotellis: +30 210 6838950 /

- Paris Rallis: +30 210 6838950 /

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