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ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) has established the Technology Forum database – a virtual online technology market place - to facilitate technologies spin-off and exchange of technologies developed in relationship with European space programmes.

The market place is oriented towards innovative and leading-edge space technologies.

The Technology Forum makes it possible for companies and organizations to search for technologies, submit requests for technologies, promote their own technologies, and discuss problems and solutions with experts.

The aim of this virtual market place is to facilitate the process of technology exchange. At present there are some 450 technologies and materials available for transfer or licensing included in the database .

Technology Forum

The Technology Forum is maintained as part of TTPO’s Technology Transfer Network activity. It provides the following functions:

  • search for technologies
  • submit requests for technologies not appearing in the market place
  • offer solutions for technical requests
  • promote their technologies, services or know-how.

Technology Forum data base

Access to the Technology Forum data base is at the Technology Transfer Network website:

Technology transfer opportunities

Questions regarding technology transfer opportunities can be forwarded to:


- the national brokers of ESA Technology Transfer Network

- the ESA Technology Transfer Network coordinator, Belgian company Verhaert.

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