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Here are all the ways to Connect with Us via social media, at a glance. Whether you’re a photo buff, a blog browser or YouTube fan, here you’ll find out how to get the latest on space, served up just the way you want it.

Follow the main ESA accounts for a complete picture, or choose your area of interest under Connect with our Activities. A rich range of blogs take you behind the scenes on launch campaigns, astronaut training, Antarctic research or daily life in space.

Connect with our Astronauts
Connect with our Astronauts

Connect with us in your country to receive news on your local ESA activities in your language.

Connect with our astronauts as they train for space, and even follow them up to the International Space Station as they carry out their missions.

Love photos? New images are added daily to our Flickr channel – we’ve reached over 10 million views so far.

If video is your vice, tune into our YouTube channel and you won’t be alone: we’ve already passed 8 million views. Using dedicated playlists, it’s easy to choose the topics that interest you most. A complementary Livestream channel lets bloggers embed streaming and share our live events.

Join the club and become ‘Friends of ESA’ on Facebook, or follow the antics of our ESA kids’ mascot Paxi as he learns about life on Earth.

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Want to get more personal? Join us at one of our 'SocialSpace' events where you get an exclusive insight into the world of space and aeronautics and gather together with social media users with an interest in space. 

Prefer old school? You can reach us at:

Connect with us, whichever way you like your space.