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Co-branding agreements in conjunction with the use of ESA video material

Many audiovisual and multimedia productions made for commercial sales feature in-depth information on ESA's spacecraft and missions. Such information of the general public on Europe's space effort is also in the interest of ESA. This is why ESA may consider waiving the payment of a fee for commercial use of ESA video footage if the following conditions are met:

  1. ESA actually holds the copyright for commercial exploitation of the material in question. This is usually the case for footage directly commissioned by ESA, less than three years ago. Footage with a copyright other than ESA is excluded.
  2. The commercial production meets high editorial standards and has an informative character. Product or corporate presentations and advertisements are excluded.
  3. ESA's capacity as a corporate sponsor of the production is highlighted. This takes the form of co-branding, and the actual ESA-branding of the production depends on the quantity of video material ESA is providing:
    • ESA footage content less than 5% of the run time: A mutually agreed ESA top credit features at the beginning of the credit section in the production cast, separate and before any end credit other mention.
    • ESA footage content between 5% and 15% of the run time: ESA is mentioned in the opening titles of the programme with a mutually agreed mention of the type "with the support of the European Space Agency -- ESA". Also, the backside of any packaging for retail sales carries an ESA logo with a surface of at least 1% of the backside.
    • ESA footage content more than 15% of the run time: An 8-seconds ESA-supplied opening title is included before the programme opening titles, showing an animated ESA logo and a mutually agreed mention of the type "This programme brought to you by the European Space Agency". Also, the front cover of any packaging for retail sales carries the ESA logo in appropriate size of at least 3% of the surface.