Live coverage of Expedition 42/43 "Futura" launch from Baikonur.

Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 | 20:00 - 05:30 GMT | 21:00 - 06:30 CET

Type: ESA TV Live

Format: 16:9

On 23rd November, Italian ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, together with American Terry Virts and Russian Anton Shkaplerov, will be launched aboard a Soyuz TMA spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for a challenging 6-month mission on the International Space Station.

Launch is scheduled at 2101 GMT.

Docking and ingress will occur early next morning with rendez-vous taking place just 4 orbits/6 hours later.

The launch transmission will include images of crew suit-up, walk-out and last wave as they board the launcher. The hatch opening transmission will include comments from ESA's ISS Programme Manager Bernado Patti as well as ESA's Head of the Astronaut Corps Frank De Winne.

Transmission times as follows:

Launch: 2000-2130 GMT

Docking: 0230-0300 GMT

Hatch-opening/welcome ceremony: 0400-0530 GMT

Transmissions will be clean-feed with natural sound but no commentary. They will include some B-roll feeds.

Transmissions will be carried on ESA web and highlights will be posted as soon as possible at:

With FTP client - Server:

Login: esa

Password: ftp4esa

or via browser:

The following footage has been/will be posted on the above server:

- Final qual sim at Star City - 31 Oct

- Press conf/Red Square ceremonies - 6 Nov

- Arrival at Baikonur/flag raising/first fit-check - 18 Nov

- 2nd fit check/museum visit/Soyuz-launcher mating - 20 Nov

- Roll-out to pad/interviews with mission management - 21 Nov

- State Commission/last press conf - 22 Nov



More information at:

Satellite Parameters:

Eutelsat 7B @ 7deg East Transponder B6 Channel E (9MHz)

D/link freq: 11162.83 MHz Polarisation: Y/vertical

SR: 7200 FEC: 5/6 Mod: DVBS2/8PSK

Signal: 1080i/50 MPEG4 4:2:0 H264 Audio: mono

For any inquiries please contact the ESA TV production team:
Dominique Detain at or +33 685 114 681

Chris Courtenay Taylor at or +44 7774 275 951