Sentinel 3A / Rokot Live launch

Date: Tue, Feb 16, 2016 | 17:00 - 19:45 GMT | 18:00 - 20:45 CET

Type: ESA TV Live

Format: 16:9

Follow the launch of Sentinel-3A, a multi-faceted mission to measure Earth’s oceans, land, ice and atmosphere, providing critical information in near-real time for ocean and weather forecasting.

It is the third of the Sentinel satellites for the Copernicus programme.

Lift off is currently scheduled at 17h57 GMT this 16 February on top of a Rokot from the Russian Cosmodrome of Plesetsk, North of Russia.

Transmission will be in 2 parts:

1/ Last preparations at Plesetsk with lift-off, ascent and first flight phase also from ESA's Operations Center (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany.

2/ After ballistic flight; separation of the 3 satellites, acquisition of signal and management statements from Plesetsk and ESOC.

Live transmission can also be followed on the web via the ESA portal. 

As soon as possible after the TV transmission, launch highlights will be posted on ESA TV ftp server:

Server:  Login: esa  Password: ftp4esa 

More information at:

Satellite Parameters:

Eutelsat 10A @ 10degEast Transponder B5 Channel E (9MHz)
D/link freq: 11162.83 MHz Polarisation X/horizontal
Signal: HD 1080i/50 MPEG4 420 clear SR: 7.200 FEC: ¾ Mod: DVBS2/8PSK
Audio 1: commentated mix
Audio 2: international
Audio mono/PIDs open

For any inquiries regarding satellite or ftp reception please contact the ESA TV production team:
Dominique Detain at  / tel + 33 685 114 681
Chris Courtenay Taylor at / tel + 44 7774 275 951