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Solar Orbiter: latest from Cape Canaveral

Date: Fri, Feb 07, 2020 GMT

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Format: 16:9

ESA’s mission to the Sun is due for launch on an Atlas V 411 from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Sunday 9 February 23:03 EST (04:03 GMT / 05:03 CET Monday 10 February).

Solar Orbiter is an ESA-led mission with strong NASA participation. It will provide the first views of the Sun’s unchartered polar regions from high latitudes, giving unprecedented insight into how our parent star works. This important mission will also investigate the Sun-Earth connection, helping us to better understand and predict periods of stormy space weather.

This B-roll will offer the latest images of Solar Orbiter preparation in particular with a timelapse of the satellite launch campaign in Florida and then the Atlas rollout to its launch pad.

Interviews (already available) include:

Günther Hasinger, ESA Director of Science
(English, German)

Daniel Müller, ESA Solar Orbiter Project Scientist
(English, German)

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Science Director
(English, German)

César García Marirrodriga, ESA Solar Orbiter Project Manager
(English, Spanish)

Roll out scheduled this Saturday morning in Florida  will be uploaded as soon as possible during the day..

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