Take the opportunity to meet us and our astronauts!

ESA astronaut J.F. Clervey will take part in the seminar
18 January 2002

If you want to be an astronaut or to learn more about the many other careers in space, you need to take off for Dublin.

Opportunities 2002, Europe's largest careers fair, takes place in the capital at the RDS in February. Over 130,000 visitors are expected, and included among the 200 exhibitors will be the European Space Agency. This year's theme is "Get There, Go Anywhere" and, with missions to the moon, Mars, Saturn and Mercury all being planned, few careers can take you further than a career in space!

You can visit ESA and Space Ireland in what will be a new interactive feature at Opportunities this year, the Futures Pavilion. The event, which runs from Friday 1 February to Monday 4 February, also promises a series of practical career planning seminars. At 3pm on the Friday and 2pm on the other three days, ESA astronaut Jean François Clervey will be joined on the platform by Piero Messina from ESA's Education Department, NASA astronaut Sam Durance - who is one of the 12 men who have walked on the moon - and Tony Gannon from the Education Department at Kennedy Space Centre to discuss "Educating the Next Generation". All welcome.

NASA astronaut Samuel Durrance will also be present at Opp. 2002

ESA will also be present at the Opportunities 2002 Conference which this year is entitled "After the Tiger - the human resources challenge".

"ESA and NASA's presence is a vital component of Opportunities 2002," said a spokesperson for the organisers, the Irish Training and Employment authority. "We want to encourage people to consider the sciences as a career option and to encourage graduates to explore the possibilities of careers in the space programme."

Opportunities 2002 will be opened by the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at a ceremony which will also feature a broadcast from the International Space Station.

Piero Massini of the ESA Education Department said, "ESA is delighted to be involved in this event and welcomes the opportunity to tell the people of Ireland more about our work. There are many career possibilities in space including engineer, technician, research and development manager, scientist, administrator, press officer, trainer, health professional and many others as well as astronaut. We look forward to seeing you."

Opportunities 2002 is at:

The RDS Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland

Opening hours

Friday 1 February 10am - 7pm
Saturday 2 February 11am - 6pm
Sunday 3 February 11am - 6pm
Monday 4 February 10 am - 6pm
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