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11 November 2008

ESA is launching its own YouTube site in a new initiative to communicate even more widely with the general public by using the latest social media channels.

Officially launched on 7 November, the ESA YouTube channel is part of a new communications strategy that will give a more ‘human’ face to the work done at ESA. The growing popularity of internet-based social media and networking channels, such as YouTube, is enabling ESA to reach important new target audiences and engage the public using ESA productions in novel ways.

One of the themes of ESA’s latest channel is that space development is driven forward by people, whether scientists and engineers at ESA, space workers in European industry, students with a passion for space, or the curious general public. There will be music clips, videos produced for exhibitions and other items that provide a general overview of ESA and capture the excitement of space.

Bringing space to you...

Peter Hulsroj, ESA’s Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations, said: “The ESA YouTube channel sends a clear signal that ESA is following world trends in communication, and that we are developing new ways to share more information and increase the public’s awareness of space. Communication plays an essential role in the European Member States actually capitalising on the investment they make in us.

We are sitting on a treasure trove of information that is of great interest to the general public. It would be a shame if this treasure trove could only be seen by specialists. We are funded ultimately by the taxpayers, so we have a real duty to bring ‘space’ to them, and this new channel is one of the ways to do just that. The wonderfully inspirational aspect of space has a special relevance for the youth, and bringing the message via YouTube ensures that we reach this audience by also using one of its preferred communication tools. Clearly ‘space’ is also hip.”
Reach into space on YouTube

ESA will regularly upload new clips with coverage of space events and activities, presenting ESA in an easily recognisable style. These will provide insights into space-related topics and the work of ESA, and will be mostly easily digestible, even when the presenters or interviewees are space specialists. Viewers will also be able to leave comments and create ratings when they engage with the ESA content on YouTube.

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