André Müller
- Application and product manager

"During my geography studies I became familiar with earth observation and came to understand the potential of remote sensing technology"

André's early interests in hiking, travelling and geography led him to take a degree in geography at Jena University, where he was a scientific assistant to the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and the Siberia project of the Kyoto protocol. Then followed urban and regional planning courses at Weimar University. His thesis was on land-use classification of remote sensing. He now works as an application and product manager at a German Geomarketing company specialising in intelligent management and information systems for providing customers with comprehensive geodata.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is a rapidly growing technological field incorporating graphical features with tabular data in order to assess real-world problems. The datasets required include socio-demographic information, business data, geographical boundaries and, as background information, high resolution aerial and satellite data (vector and raster maps).

The different sets of data are analysed, correlated, and finally visualised for the customer, depending on the study. A wide range of customers, from retailers and bankers, to transport authorities and governmental institutions, are using such GIS applications in their decision-making.

André saw the potential benefits of working with two new technologies, remote sensing and GIS. He has never regretted his choice, especially when he does work on important national and international projects. He advises those who want to follow in his footsteps to find themselves internships in organisations dealing with GIS and remote sensing, especially in foreign countries.

Name André Müller
Nationality German
Age 28
Profession Application and product manager
Place of work Infas Geodaten GmbH
Education University degree in Geography, thesis in remote sensing
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