Anna Johnell
- Hydrologist

"Some of us at SMHI look up at the clouds, I look down at the ground"

Anna studied Earth Science and Civil Engineering to equip her for her ambition to be a hydrologist. She lives in Norrköping, south of Stockholm and works at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, where general forecasts and severe warnings are processed to provide forecasts tailored to meet the specific needs of different sectors of society. She uses satellite radar images to identify and monitor weather fronts to predict precipitation, snowfall and river flooding in Sweden.

Satellite data is very important for observing precipitation over time in areas where other measurements are unavailable. A hydrological model developed in-house helps to calculate discharges, create forecasts, water balance studies, transport of nutrients, etc. These predictions serve to inform river regulation authorities about water supplies, water levels in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, soil moisture and snow storage. In the event of flooding, warnings are issued to the public, the media and local authorities to prevent natural disasters.

Anna has always been interested in environmental issues and her work of helping to keep people up to date about threats from natural hazards is very satisfying. She has a good working relationship with the media and enjoys the challenging and sometimes intense work of keeping them informed. “There will always be flooding, so it will be necessary to continue our studies. Data for our models has to be correct, so cooperate with meteorologists to receive precipitation and temperature data.” Anna says.

Name Anna Johnell
Nationality Swedish
Age 31
Profession Hydrologist
Place of work Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute ( SMHI)
Education University degree in Earth Science and Civil Engineering
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