Astro Pi: Mission Space Lab 2019-20 Webinar

19/12/2019 644 views 18 likes
ESA / Education / AstroPI

ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation want to congratulate all teams that made it to Phase 2. This year we broke another record and sent out a total of 265 Astro Pi kits (1 kit per participating teacher/mentor), which 423 selected teams will be using in order to code their experiment.

A recent webinar held at the Raspberry Pi Foundation site provided key information for all teams on how to assemble, boot and code an Astro Pi. We received excellent questions about the capabilities of Astro Pi Ed and Astro Pi Izzy that we did our best to answer throughout the webinar. If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can watch the video here to kick start your own scientific experiment here on Earth. 

Best of luck from the Astro Pi team to all those moving on to Phase 2 of Mission Space Lab!