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CanSat European competition finalist teams announced!

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Now that all the national 2016-2017 CanSat competitions  have successfully concluded, ESA is happy to announce the complete list of the 17 national teams that will attend the 2017 European CanSat competition. 

The competition will take place from 28 June until 2 July 2017 in Bremen, Germany, and will be hosted by the Centre of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) of the University of Bremen, Germany, with the help of several local partners.

The finalist teams are:

1. SpaceWalk, national winners of Belgium,
2. RAJsat, national winners of Czech Republic,
3. Yes we CanSat, national winners of Denmark,
4. VÖS CANtaloupes, national winners of Finland,
5. Recognize, national winners of Germany,
6. C.A.N.I.S., national winners of Greece,
7. ZenSat Club, team selected by ESA representing Hungary,
8. Canny Potter, national winners of Ireland,
9. Fluosat, national winners of Italy,
10. Greetings from Space, national winners of The Netherlands,
11. CanSatiÅs, national winners of Norway,
12. CANpernicus, national winners of Poland,
13. ENTA Team Sat 3, national winners of Portugal,
14. Tomis III, national winners of Romania,
15. Burgoneta Espacial, national winners of Spain,
16. AcidaSat, team selected by ESA representing Switzerland,
17. GWC CanSat, national winners of The UK.

Rocket launch at the 2016 European Launch Campaign
Rocket launch at the 2016 European Launch Campaign

ESA congratulates the national winning teams, as well as all the students who participated in the national competitions for their achievement.  ESA is also grateful to the national competition organisers for making their competitions such a success and for supporting the students along the learning process of creating, building, testing, and launching their CanSats. Great job!

Here is a tentative programme of the 2017 European CanSat Competition:

   Day 1 
   June 28


   Morning: Teams arrive

   Afternoon: Opening ceremony


   Day 2
   June 29


   Presentations of projects by CanSat teams

   Final technical inspection of the CanSats

   Flight Tests of the CanSats


   Day 3
   June 30


   CanSat launch day

   Day 4
   July 1


   Presentation of results by CanSat teams

   Work on the CanSat final paper

   Evaluation & Closing


   Day 5
   July 2


   Morning: Teams depart


ESA is looking forward to meeting all the finalist teams in Bremen for a new, exciting, and fun  learning experience together!

*Additional information: 2017 European CanSat Competition Guidelines

Contact: cansat @