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Working stations on the 2017 European CanSat Competition

Getting ready for CanSat 2018: guidelines and timeline

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After an exciting launch campaign in Bremen a couple of weeks ago, it’s now time to start thinking about the future! Here are the guidelines and timeline of the 2018 European CanSat competition.

Several national CanSat competitions will be held in various ESA Member States before the official European CanSat competition takes place from 27 June to 1 July 2018. The winning teams of the national competitions will be granted a place in the European challenge. The respective national organisers are invited to send ESA the name of their national winning teams no later than 6 May 2018.

Students residing in an ESA Member or Associate State* and that do not have a national competition in their country will also be able to apply to the 2018 European CanSat competition directly through ESA: a call for proposals for these countries will be published on this website in September 2017. Stay tuned!

Download the 2018 CanSat Competition guidelines .

If you need more details about the national and European CanSat competitions, or if your country doesn’t have a national competition and you would like to organise one, please contact us at:

 cansat @

We wish all the organisers and participants the best of luck for this engaging challenge. ESA hopes to see you at the 2018 European CanSat competition!

Student getting ready for launch at the 2017 European CanSat Competition
Student getting ready for launch at the 2017 European CanSat Competition