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Meet the team: ConfeyCan

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Mary Selkirk, Philip Devereux 
Team members: Alex Bourke, Gergely Gellert, Liam Murphy, Conor Walsh, Julia Waszkiewicz, Naoise Barry, Denis Buhai, Kieran Kilbane
School: Confey College, Riverforest, Leixlip
Country: Ireland
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Description of the Cansat mission:

The team has designed and developed a multi-faceted secondary mission with a humidity sensor, an accelerometer and a GPS as the main hardware components. However, solar paneling for auxiliary power and two way communications between the CanSat and their ground station will be performed. The students will measure the relative humidity of the atmosphere and the forces on their CanSat throughout its flight. They will demonstrate the two-way communication by sending a message and getting the CanSat to relay the message back. The strength of the solar radiation will be evaluated by measuring the voltage and current produced from flexible solar panels wrapped around the CanSat.

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