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Meet the team: GiLASat team

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Teacher: Mariusz Kamiński
Team members: Zuzanna Opała, Bartłomiej Zdrojewski, Agnieszka Osińska, Anna Rzeczkowska, Mateusz Sieniawski, Brian Camacho 
School: ZS UMK GiLA, Toruń
Country: Poland
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Team logo

Description of the Cansat mission:

The team will collect and transmit GPS-determined position data to create a live visualisation of their CanSat. They will also measure the amount of energy generated by a turbine mounted in the parachute's canopy and determine the intensity of atmospheric light dispersion. With the power recovery system they aim to prove that kinetic energy of a satellite can be partially reused. They believe that this solution, after further testing and development, could be applied in real missions. By determining the intensity of atmospheric dispersion they wish to further investigate potential optical illusions that could disturb flight instruments. The team will try to make the analysing the mission results easier by visualising live visualisation the probe's position.

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