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Meet the team: GirlsSAT 2015

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Alena Reichlova, Ivana Kantnerova,  Jana Spilkova,  Vladimir Vana
Team members: Viola Petivoka, Anna Gasparijan, Marie Timurova, Ena Kos, Anna Chladkova, Tereza Duskova, Lenka Wendlova  
School: Secondary Technical School of Electrotechnical Engineering, Prague 2, Jecna 30
Country: Czech Republic
Team logo
Team logo

Description of the Cansat secondary mission:

All measured data will be recorded on SD card and also wirelessly transmitted to Ground Station. This will be achieved by using NI myRIO equipment interfaced to PC for NI LabView data processing and plotting. The team is also trying to develop a tablet data processing in Android.

Read the team's interview.

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