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Meet the team: Grecosat

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: César Rangil López
Team members: David Arroyo (Telemetry), David Gregorio (Electronics), Eduardo Villafañe (Programming), Elias del Pozo ( Programming), Lorenzo García (Sensors/airbag), Arturo Herrera (Telemetry), Javier Gil (parachute, design, motor), Raquel Martín (Sensors), Cristina Álvarez (Outreach)
School: IES El Greco, Toledo
Country: Spain

Description of the Cansat missions

  • Detection of high levels of toxic gases to humans as ammonia, benzene derivatives, sulphides, aromatic compounds, etc.
  • Controlled safe landing through airbag operated from the ground station or on failure independently.
  • Follow the path of CANSAT in real time via GPS signal.

Progress Report 1:
So far our work is focused on the hardware part of the project. We have already received MQ135 gases sensor and we are integrating it with both pressure and temperature sensor in the Arduino Uno’s shield.

We also have a GPS Venus; It will give us information on latitude, longitude, altitude and time in real time.

The cushioned landing system is still in the design phase, since we had planned, airbag with CO2, does not fit the CanSat. Also we have decided to make the parachute from our own calculations.

We are also in the process of designing our own data processing software received radio.

Regarding the outreach of our project, we have been on several local and state online newspapers as well as four interviews in radio (SER, Onda Cero, RCM, Radio Santa Maria) and TV channels, Teletoledo and TVE.

Progress Report 2:
Following our work, our CANSAT programming is almost complete. We are starting the programming of the ground station software. The gas sensor is giving us more problems than expected because we do not have the equipment to calibrate it properly. If we fail to calibrate correctly, we will seriously consider changing the sensor.

The prototype of the external structure and the opening of the airbag system are almost complete.

We already have the material for the construction of our parachute and hope to have the first evidence soon.

Radio Television of Castilla La Mancha interviewed us on television and the web portal

Finally we got a sponsor, FIDAMC, which will make our trip to Norway possible.

Progress Report 3:
Near the end of our work we have completed the construction of our parachute and airbag, and we have started the test phase. We have also completed the manufacture of the structure of our Cansat. Programming the microcontroller that governs all the project is almost finished. There are only some small details to finish the IDE and to follow the path in real time. We will present our project in Robocampeones 2014, a robotic competition of Secondary Schools.

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