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Meet the team: Rosseta-Can

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Teacher: Jose Francisco Romero Garcia
Team members: Gonzalo Estrán, Felipe Rojas, Rodrigo Bolívar, Antonio González, Javier González, Jaime Prado, Pablo Bernat, Alfredo Pla
School: Colegio Retamar. Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid 
Country: Spain
Rosetta-Can team logo
Rosetta-Can team logo

Description of the Cansat secondary mission:

The team's CanSat will drop an electronic hand-made maple seed, which the team called Philae. It will be able to measure its falling acceleration, its rotation speed and its position according to the magnetic field. Once it measures these magnitudes, data will be sent to CanSat and CanSat will then transmit it to the ground station. This will show the team the effectiveness of the communication between Philae, CanSat and the ground station and also the effectiveness of Philae’s flight method.

Read the team's interview.

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