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Meet the team: Sky Shepherd

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Giovanni Bindi
Team members: Mattia Davario, Aurora Forcella, Riccardo Colleluor, Ilaria Pavone, Martina Dell’Elce, Augusto Antonio Basilico, Simone Piovani  
School: Istituto Adone Zoli from Atri (TE), Abruzzo 
Country: Italy
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Team logo

Description of the Cansat secondary mission:

The team wants to use the CanSat to detect and measure the variations of solar radiation and air pollution and, also, to study an efficient landing system. For the measurements of solar radiations the students will use a solar radiation sensor made up of a pyrheliometer. To measure air pollution they will use a dedicated sensor that will register pollutants. Their goal is to use a GPS system for the localization of the CanSat and an accelerometer to analyse the motion of the device.

Read the team's interview.

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