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Meet the team: Tassoni (Tiny Atmospheric Solitary Space Observatory with Naïf Instrumentation)

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Marco Nicolini
Team members: Giacomo Colombari (electronic systems & hardware), Ilaria Mazzi (programming and transmission), Silvia Campana (on board instrumentation), Tommaso Calzolari, Lorenzo Dallari (dynamics specialists), Giulia Busi, Elena Rebecchi (recovery system)
School: Liceo Scientifico Statale “Alessandro Tassoni”, Modena
Country: Italy

Description of the CanSat Missions:

We would like to calculate the height reached by our cansat by means of iteration of the integration of the classical kinematics formulas starting from acceleration. We would like as well to detect also the moment the payload is released by the rocket and the start of the descent, the fall condition of the CanSat trajectory.

  • The hardware, sensors and software have been tested.
  • The acquisition system and the transmission system work perfectly.
  • The software has been written and designed following the hardware constraints and the project requirements.
  • The recovery system has been tested in four different flights in a local airport.
  • The CanSat external module is ready to go.