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Meet the team: Team Impulse

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Dr Stephen W Patterson
Team members: William Eustace, Yuki de Pourbaix, Igor Timofeev, Hugo Cheema-Grubb, Neel le Penru, Euan Baines, James Crompton, Alex Forey 
School: St Paul’s School, Barnes
Country: United Kingdom 
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Team logo

Description of the Cansat mission:

A rover will be constructed to the dimensions and performance specified which will be capable of navigating autonomously to a set of co-ordinates transmitted from base at any point after launch. It will have a wheel at each end, driven by a suitably powerful motor. There will be a skid which is deployed to increase the torque which may be applied through the CanSat’s wheels to prevent it spinning. This will provide a more stable platform for ground-based data gathering. The CanSat as a whole will be controlled by an internal microprocessor which will relay data back to the ground over a 434MHz radio link. Humidity data will be measured using a digital sensor and transmitted back; the primary mission (temperature and pressure) will also be measured using digital sensors and transmitted back. Obstacle avoidance for the rover may or may not be implemented; this depends upon the nature of the (still-to-be finalised) additional data elements of the secondary mission. 

Visit the team's interview.

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