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Meet the team: Tonbridge Cannoneers

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Teacher: David L. Faithfull
Team members: Andrew Lam,  David Shafirovich, Finn Kinsler O'Sullivan, Gabriel Haynes, Oscar Wright, Tarrant Ng
School: Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent 
Country: UK
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Description of the Cansat mission:

The team aims to use their CanSat to test the behaviour of a given parachute design. By monitoring descent velocity, acceleration and parachute movement, the CanSat will be able to test the parachute. The objective is to measure velocity and analyse the data in order to determine the parachute’s terminal velocity. During descent, the CanSat will also measure acceleration and, using a gyro module, data will be gathered on the ‘swinging’ of the parachute, which will give an indication of the design’s stability in flight. The effectiveness of the parachute depends on drag that depends on air density, which, in turn, can be determined from the primary mission measurements of temperature and pressure.

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