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Meet the team: Truailliu

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Siobhan Crowe
Team members: Roisin Aherne, Orla O’ Brien, Derval McCauley, Meave Gilligan, Genevieve McPhilemy, Gillian Gavin, Rachel Ryan, Sarah McNamara
School: Laurel Hill Secondary School, Limerick City
Country: Ireland

Description of the CanSat Missions:

We will measure air temperature, air pressure and the levels of methane and carbon dioxide in the air to help indicate levels of pollution in the atmosphere.


For our secondary mission (detecting pollutants in the atmosphere) we ordered a CO2 sensor which unfortunately came without a data sheet! We got in touch with Sinead O' Keffe from U.L who advised us to use optical fibres to measure the light intensity 1 km in the atmosphere and from that we can detect whether there is a lot of gas in the atmosphere due to light absorption. We did a lot of research for optical fibres. and carried out many experiments once they were connected to our CanSat. These experiments were vital in our preparations as it made use familiar with the optical fibres. Our team now has results which we can use to compare with results from Norway. We have carried out other tests for the parachute and the antenna.

Without the help of John Nelson, Hugh O'Brien and Sinead O'Keffe from University of Limerick our team would have been lost! They have been great mentors and their help has been invaluable to us.