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Meet the team: spaceclub_berlin

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Dr. Sylvia Reinhardt, Steffen Janke, Jan Klug, Werner Bachmann 
Team members: Christina Nadolsky, Nana Reinhardt, Adrian Melinat, Jasper Hufschmidt-Morse, Yuna Reinhardt, Christian Staudigl, Alec Dent
School: FEZ, Berlin 
Country: Germany 
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Description of the Cansat secondary mission:

Collecting data of the particulate concentrations of the air, GPS/location sytsems, speed mesurement and photography of the flight area. 

The space club_berlin team will install a measurement system to measure the particulate concentration in the atmosphere. Also, they will take stills of the flight zone to connect the data on the particulate concentration with the flight zone (example: highway, forest, factory, etc.). To know where which data was collected the students will determine the location of the CanSat with GPS. Also, they will comapre the collected data with the data they collected at the German national CanSat competition. In addition to that, the team will determine the speed of the CanSat in flight with a speed measurer. The collected data (despite the pictures) will be saved onto an SD-Card in the CanSat itself and will be sent to the CanSat team on the ground.  

Read the team's interview.

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