Competition winners attend Integral anniversary event

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The winners of ESA’s ‘Explore the high-energy Universe’ competition attended the Integral workshop in Paris last Wednesday to present their winning entries to the science community.

The workshop marked the 10th anniversary of the launch of ESA’s gamma-ray observatory.

Secondary school students were invited to choose from four projects relating to Integral in which they were challenged to Observe, Research, Design, or Build.
Photograph of winners
Photograph of winners

The projects were designed to allow students to experience a variety of roles relevant to space science, from engineering to scientific research and astronomical observations. More information regarding the projects can be found by following the links on the right.

The overall winners for each project were:
Observe: Ábel Ságodi (The Netherlands)
Research: Benjamin Fischer (Germany)
Design: Rafał Kozik, Jakub Porębski, Łukasz Kordas, Marcin Kordas (Poland)
Build: Olivia van Herteryck (Belgium/UK)

The students attended the morning science session of the workshop on 17th October and were introduced to the Integral community and presented with their certificates by Christoph Winkler, the Integral Project Scientist:

"I am impressed by both the number and the quality of the entries that we received. It is clear that there are many talented young people interested in space science and astronomy."

Display of the winning entries
Display of the winning entries

Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to display their winning entries and discuss their projects with the scientists.

The winners’ trip included other science activities such as a visit to the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie museum and planetarium, and a tour of the Paris Observatory.

If this article has inspired you, or your school, to participate in an ESA competition, please check the ESA webpages. Current competitions include the ‘Cassini scientist for a day’ competition for students and the Odysseus competition for schools.

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