Danielle Vlemmiks
- Client service representative

"I like showing my clients how earth observation information can make a clear difference in today's high-tech world"

Danielle, 23, is a client service representative in the area of remote sensing at Radarsat International, selecting the most suitable images from the 9 available satellites. Her education was not scientific, so she undertook a 6 months’ training programming to learn about the science of earth observation. Experience in the fields of international relations, broadcast journalism, organisational behaviour and interior design have stood her in good stead for dealing with customers who need satellite imagery.

The work covers a myriad of applications including oil spill monitoring, mining, mine site detection, agriculture, forestry and forest fire damage assessment. She starts work early to overlap the different time zones in which her international customers are located. Client requirements vary from requests for a single scene to large multi-sensor projects. She is in constant e-mail contact with meteorological agents in Europe, supplies satellite data for geological projects in Africa, for terrestrial and ice mapping in Northern Canada and general projects for population control and monitoring.

She enjoys the challenge of learning to understand clients’ requirements, determining which satellite’s data would best answer their needs and educating them in the use of remote sensing data to achieve their goals. Danielle continues to attend seminars and training sessions to learn more about satellites. She is pleased that a geospatial company like Radarsat should offer the post she occupies to a bachelor of arts in international relations.”

Name Danielle Vlemmiks
Nationality Canadian
Age 23
Profession Client service representative
Place of work Radarsat International
Education Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
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