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The following documents are of the utmost importance for the programme. All the applicants are strongly encouraged to consult these documents and to refer to them while preparing their applications.

1. 'Experiment proposal form', ESA
This document must be completed and submitted as the main document in the application process.

2. 'Experiment report template', ESA
This document serves both as a reference document through the preparation and the execution of the experiment as well as the final report once the programme ends. The selected students will complete this document as the project develops and they will have to re-submit it at specific deadlines.

3. 'European User Guide to Low-Gravity Platforms', ESA
The European Users Guide to Low Gravity Platforms provides an overview of the four low gravity platforms sponsored by ESA, including details of how they are made available to people wishing to use them for either scientific, educational or commercial purposes.

The four platforms covered by this Guide are: drop tower (see chapter 4), parabolic flights, sounding rockets and the International Space Station (ISS). 

4. 'ZARM Drop Tower, Users Manual', ZARM FAB
This is a detailed manual describing all mechanical, electrical and electronic components, interfaces and control software. You will need to read this document in detail before starting to design your experiment.

The experiment can only be integrated into the capsule if it meets all boundary conditions specified in this document. Failure to pay full attention to all these conditions will mean that your experiment cannot be performed.

5. 'Terms and Conditions for Participation in ESA Drop Tower Campaigns', ESA
This document is issued to address the terms and conditions applicable to anyone participating in ESA-supported Drop Tower Campaigns. Each potential participant is required to carefully read the present document and to declare his/her acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing the annexed form. The acceptance of the terms and conditions is mandatory and a prerequisite condition to participation in an ESA campaign and conducting of preparatory ground activities and drop operations.

6. 'ERASMUS Experiment Archive', ESA
An abstract of every ESA-sponsored experiment that has been performed on a microgravity platform can be found in this database. This resource may be of great help when it comes to defining your project.

Please note that the information detailed above is subject to change without prior notice.

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