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Student sponsorship for participation in the 26th biennial ELGRA symposium

Student sponsorship for participation in the 26th biennial ELGRA symposium

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ELGRA (European Low Gravity Research Association) will organize both a student poster and oral presentation competition during the 2019 40th Anniversary ELGRA symposium that will take place in Granada, Spain from September 24th to 27th 2019 and a student scholarship competition with the European Space Agency’s Education Office (ESA Education). More information about the symposium can be found here

Encouraging students to present their research and providing mechanisms to fund this has become an essential feature of the ELGRA Symposia. This is aligned to one the association’s principles of promoting student participation and integration within the field of microgravity research.

Student poster and oral competition:

Accepted abstracts for a poster or an oral presentation for which the first author is a student will be automatically selected for the student poster and oral competition, respectively. You will be asked in the registration process if you are a student – this will determine entries for those students submitting abstracts.

Each poster/oral presentation will be evaluated by a committee formed by experts from ELGRA as well as one representative of ESA Education Office. A Distinction Award will also be given to the best student poster and oral presentation in each discipline (Life and Physical Sciences) and be given to the winners during the gala dinner. The awardees will receive a diploma, a prize, and an honorary ELGRA membership to the presenting author.

Student scholarship:

Travel scholarships are available for the 10 best student abstracts submitted to the symposium, courtesy of both the ESA Education Office and ELGRA. The selected students will be invited to give an oral or poster presentation during the symposia.

Each awardee will be granted with a scholarship to the presenting author, covering them up to 1000 EUR to support the travel and accommodation expenses.

Part of these scholarships will be funded by the ESA Education Office via the Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme. Those students meeting the eligibility criteria of the ECOSS Programme must apply following its specific rules (see below the paragraph headed “ESA Student Sponsorship Guidelines”). ELGRA will provide financial support under the same conditions.

The selection of the best abstracts is under the responsibility of a joint committee between ESA Education and ELGRA.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Undergraduate or Post graduate/PhD students are encouraged to apply for their participation in this competition. Those interested should ensure they submit:-

  1. A duplicate copy of the abstract they have submitted to the symposia through the official call for abstracts on the symposia website.
  2. A paragraph on your motivation for applying
  3. One A4 page academic CV (this should include name, affiliation, level of study)

Both these documents can be submitted after the call for abstracts by the 10th of June.

All submissions should be done by completing the following form:


ESA Student Sponsorship Guidelines

As part of the ESA Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme, the ESA Education Office is pleased to be able to offer sponsorship to European students interested in attending the ELGRA Symposium 2019. Highly qualified full-time students from ESA Member States are encouraged to apply for ESA Sponsorship.

Students selected by ESA’s Education Office will be reimbursed their conference registration fee and travel and accommodation expenses up to the maximum combined value of 1000 euros. Sponsorship will be in the form of a single reimbursement after the conference.

Before applying, students must visit the conferences page of the ESA Education Portal and check their eligibility for the programme under the "Sponsorship Conditions".

Students should also familiarise themselves and agree to the ESA Academy Data Privacy Policy.

Important Notes:

  • All applicants will be notified on their selection or rejection for ESA or ELGRA scholarship.
  • Applicants will be notified on their selection for oral or poster presentation
  • Important dates and deadlines: Applications for Abstract Submission:  26th May, 2019
  • Applications for ESA Scholarships and ELGRA Scholarships: 10th June, 2019
  • Notification of ESA and ELGRA Scholarships: 27th June, 2019
  • Symposium Early Registration: 30th June, 2019