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Due to the evolution of the corona virus situation in Europe, and in line with governmental instructions across Europe and with the recommendations of ESA's Director General on travel restrictions for health and safety reasons, the ESA Education Office has decided to deliver online the upcoming ESA Academy’s Training Sessions (see table below). 


Date Training Session Status
11 - 22 January 2021  Online Ladybird Guide to Spacecraft Communications Training Course 2021  Open*

*The ESA Education Office reserves the right to cancel the remaining scheduled ESA Academy’s Training Sessions.

Online Ladybird Guide to Spacecraft Communications Training Course 2021

Status:  Open 

Date: 11 - 22 January 2021  

Description: : The course will be delivered online, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons during two weeks. Taught by an ESA expert from the Advanced Operations Concepts Office of ESA’s European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany, the course is offered through formal lectures without excessive mathematics or technical jargon, but with a heavy emphasis placed on the interaction with the students. Students learn about: 

  • the challenges of communicating with a spacecraft
  • an operator’s view on all the spacecraft subsystems both on-board and on the ground
  • ‘physiological’ traps to be avoided during operations and testing

Preliminary schedule:

Day 1    Introduction
Day 2    The Challenge 
  Modulation (Part 1)
Day 3    Modulation (Part 2)
Day 4    Coding
  ESA & ESA Education Programme
Day 5    Protocols
  Transmission (Part 1)
Day 6   Transmission (Part 2)
Day 7   Real Ground Stations
  Introduction to Galileo Programme
Day 8   Presentation of ESEC