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Due to the evolution of the corona virus situation in Europe, and in line with governmental instructions across Europe and with the recommendations of ESA's Director General on travel restrictions for health and safety reasons, the ESA Education Office has decided until further notice to deliver ESA Academy’s Training Sessions online. The schedule for 2021 opportunities is under preparation.

Concurrent Engineering Challenge 2020

Status: Call for student applications to be opened.
Status: Call for university applications closed.

Date: 30 November – 4 December 2020

Description: The ESA Academy Concurrent Engineering Challenge features groups of up to 30 university students, each one supervised by two system engineers in four Concurrent Engineering Facilities (CEF) located in three European universities and in ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility. Groups are given a specific mission to design in four days. Students in each group are divided into small teams of two to four people to cover the following disciplines: structures, configuration, power, mechanisms, thermal, attitude and orbit control, propulsion, trajectory analysis, communications and data handling. Students within each small team create a subsystem concept in order to achieve the mission parameters using the Concurrent Engineering approach. The groups do not compete against each other. Instead, they use video conferencing to share each day’s progress, raise any particular difficulties they are facing, and receive helpful input from the other participants. At the end of the week, each group presents their final design. Ultimately, students involved in the Challenge learn about the Concurrent Engineering approach and its benefits, the Open Concurrent Design Tool (OCDT) and how ESA performs the technical and financial feasibility studies of space missions.

Preliminary Schedule:

Day 1 Introduction to the Concurrent Engineering Approach
Get familiar with Workbooks and OCDT 
Presentation of each CEF
Mission overview and requirements
Day 2 System requirements and mission architecture
Mission phases and system modes definition
First iteration of the design including preliminary budgets
Each group results presentation
Day 4 Second iteration of all subsystems 
Product tree
Each group second iteration presentation
Day 5 Final design consolidation & any open issues
Each group final presentation
Conclusion and certificates distribution