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ESA School Atlas

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Quick Facts

Subject: geography
Level: secondary
Language: Deutsch, English
Type: support materials
Format: book

Geography from Space, the new ESA School Atlas takes the old subject matter and puts a new spin on it with real satellite imagery and geographical software.


The atlas

Using satellite imagery, this atlas provides not only standard information on landscape but also on a vast array of normally invisible environmental elements, such as the flow of ocean currents and the effect of precipitation and cloud cover on atmospheric temperature.

The atlas explains the importance of sustainable development, bridging the gap between the classroom, space technology and earth observation.

Realistic views of the Earth’s surface, combined with thematic maps demonstrate the dynamic processes of our globe. The atlas is accompanied by a Teachers’ Handbook, a digital version on 2 DVD's and is also connected to the Earth Observation's platform for schools, Eduspace.

Please note that the atlas and handbook are temporarily not anymore available.

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