ESA training material

ESA has developed a variety of training workshop material to support students and future data users. Below you can find some examples of this material by following the links to the various training workshops. For most of these the course material has been made available online

Advanced EO Training

The European Space Agency is organising a series of regular advanced thematic training courses devoted to the exploitation of Earth Observation data from ESA and Third Party Mission instruments for ocean, land and atmosphere applications.

As advanced training courses, they are targeted to the European, ESA member state and Canadian research and development community, in particular post-doc researchers as well as masters and PhD students.

Other EO Training

ESA also organises other EO training events on an ad hoc basis, and produces EO training material at various levels.

Learning EGNOS

The EGNOS Project Office is making valuable contributions to the training and education of future GNSS professionals. ESA provided services like the EMS (EGNOS Message Server) and SISNeT (Signal-In-Space through the interNET), which were developed to enhance satellite navigation applications have also been found to be largely effective in SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) education.

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