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Lunar base made with 3D printing

Moon Camp @home

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In a future not too far from now, astronauts will have stay for long periods on the Moon. Help them by creating a 3D model of a research base where they can live and work to explore the lunar surface. 

Design your base by using Tinkercad and complete one of these challenges: design a space suit, a lunar lander, a lunar rover, a rocket and a space station, or design a complete base on the Moon with astronauts quarters, a greenhouse, a gym, a laboratory and a power plant.


From 12 May to 4 September.

Who can participate?

Moon Camp @ home is a non-competitive mission. Participation is open to individuals, virtual teams of young people aged up to 18 years old, and families. 

An adult must submit the project for minors. All participants whose entries comply with the guidelines will receive a special participation certificate and their project will be shared on the Moon Camp online platform.

Join this ESA-Airbus Foundation project on the Moon Camp @ home platform. 

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