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Schedule 2016 campaign

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ESA / Education / Fly Your Thesis!

Phase A.1 Project definition and writing of the proposal for all applicants

Documents expected: Experiment proposal and letter of endorsement
Deadline: 21 September 2015

Phase A.2 Review of experiment proposal and first selection of up to 15 teams.
Results will be announced 30 October 2015

Phase B.1 Updating the experiment proposal and writing of the experiment safety data package by selected applicants

Documents expected:  Experiment Proposal v2 and Experiment Safety Data Package (ESDP) v1
Deadline: 23 November 2015

Phase B.2 Evaluation by the Review Board and safety review by prime contractor
The final selection of up to four teams is expected in 18 December 2015.

Phase C. Experiment preparation

Documents expected: Experiment report, ESDP.Several versions will be delivered to ESA Education Office and Novespace experts before the campaign on a case by case basis. 

Phase D. Parabolic flights campaign

Documents expected: Feedback report. Few weeks after the campaign.

Phase E. Analysis of results

Documents expected: Final version of the experiment report. Four months after the campaign.