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GENSO Experimental Orbital Initial Demonstration

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The GENSO Experimental Orbital Initial Demonstration (GEOID) project will act as a primary tool for the large-scale validation of the GENSO network to support future education satellite constellation operations. Additionally it will also constitute a testbed for the international Humanitarian Satellite constellation project (HumSAT).

Through the launch of the project GEOID, the Education Office intends to provide new educational opportunities to European universities by:

  • Setting up a space infrastructure that will further validate the GENSO concept
  • Deploying a mini-constellation of cubesats as first demonstrator of HumSAT
  • Promoting the development of new GENSO stations and user terminals for use in the HumSAT project

GENSO is a world-wide network of education and radio amateur ground stations linked together via the internet and using standard software developed under an ESA funded project. Through its network, GENSO provides operators of educational spacecrafts with extended satellite access capabilities.

The HumSAT project is an international educational initiative for building a constellation of nano-satellites providing worldwide communication capabilities to areas without infrastructure. GEOID is the ESA driven contribution to HumSAT.

Quick Facts

Project: GENSO Experimental Orbital Initial Demonstration
Level: University
Status: Call for proposals
Contact: Antonio Castro, geoid @

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