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Ariane 5 liftoff

How to apply

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  • Read the conditions to apply and the constraints carefully, and familiarise yourself with the platform.
  • Read the programme schedule to familiarise yourselves with the selection process deadlines
  • Familiarise yourself with all the documentation in the section 'Documents'. Note that it contains amongst others the guidelines for the required deliverables.
  • Identify and consult the endorsing professor or academic who preferably should be your thesis or project supervisor
  • Define your project, discuss it and try to find references in the scientific literature about similar research projects
  • First and foremost, send a letter of intent together with the filled in ‘Privacy notice and consent form’ to ‘orbityourthesis @’. It will act as registration to the OYT!2020 selection process
  • After the registration period, write an experiment proposal, a first version of the Experiment Flight Safety Data Package (EFSDP)and fill in the preliminary questionnaire
  • Ask your endorsing professor or academic to write a formal letter of endorsement 
  • Send the experiment proposal together with the preliminary questionnaire, the first version of the EFSDP and the letter of endorsement in one zip file to orbityourthesis @

If you have further questions about the programme and cannot find the information you are looking for on the Orbit Your Thesis! pages, please contact us at orbityourthesis @

Please note that the information detailed above is subject to change without prior notice.