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Proposal requirements

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Interested universities are requested to submit a summary proposal not exceeding 20 pages which includes:

  • Identification of the areas for participation
  • Summary description and justification of the technical solutions proposed by the university for their participation in GEOID
  • Development plans and organization of the activity, availability of laboratories and facilities
  • Educational content of the proposal, covering the involvement of student and benefits for them, including the availability of proper tutorship at the university through a leading professor

Financial envelope

All the development costs including the required manpower and materials for building CubeSats, sensors/terminals or ground stations shall be funded by the university, either internally, or through sponsorship that might include national space agency/office contributions. In case of development of a CubeSat, the financial envelope made available by the university shall also include a provision for launch and deployer costs.

Commitment letters from project sponsors (university internal funding, delegation, etc) ensuring the financial resources necessary to undertake the project as described in the technical proposal shall be provided as part of the proposal.

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